Case study – How a list of 100+ tips won more than 12,000 backlinks


I was going through linkbait examples published by Moz in 2012 when I found this awesome piece of content. When their article was published it had only 1536 backlinks. Since their post is so old and out of my curiosity I ran that url through ahreafs, and here is what I found!

Yes, right, now it has more than 12k backlinks!

What I am talking here is about this –

Backlinks – 12.7k

Referring Domains – 1.51k

Social media shares

  • Facbook – 18k
  • Linkedln – 581
  • Pinterest – 3.9k

This awesome piece of content was published sometime in 2009 (that was all I could find using with a list of 111 tips which is many shorter than today’s count. Now the content is more refined with options to them as grid/list (It was only a ‘list’ when first published). In addition, the tips can be sorted based on outdoor, indoor, office and kids categories as well.

What makes this piece of content different from any other list of tips is its grid-like layout. When you click o a tip it shows a popup with a downloadable poster. In addition, this popup also features options to download the poster and also to share it on different social media platforms. It is the latter feature that accounts for its enormous success in social media, isn’t it really hard not to share such an awesomely designed poster on your facebook timeline?

This article, which was already popular, saw a large jump on inbound links in months November and December 2017. I contacted their team to see if they can give me any insights on why this happened but unfortunately received no reply till date.

Why is this content so popular?

First of all, this article is well planned and executed. Each tip is no longer than a sentence. I am sure they could have written a 5000+ word article like many blogs do today to appease search engines but they hose to write for humans instead.

The tips are also well categorised. If you are looking for conserving water in the laundry room, there it is; categorised and highlighted.

These tips, which are now 190 in number are not only written short but also in-depth in their own way. For eg: this one tip tells you how much water you can save per load, they could have stopped at ‘Energy saving models.’

What I learned from this case study is that ‘Presentation matters’. It is a no-brainer that such immense popularity for this content in social media is gained by the use of shareable posters. The next time you are creating a list of tips don’t forget to present it as awesome as

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