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Case Study-Radiation dosage charts that got 1000+ links


This article is a case study of two websites that won 1000+ high authority links using radiation dosage charts. Here it is; is cited is an example of most effective link bait by many websites. It is a radiation dosage chart which visually conveys the number of radiation doses a person is exposed to from different sources we see around us daily. It is very easy to understand and, being the best of...

Case study – How a list of 100+ tips won more than 12,000 backlinks


I was going through linkbait examples published by Moz in 2012 when I found this awesome piece of content. When their article was published it had only 1536 backlinks. Since their post is so old and out of my curiosity I ran that url through ahreafs, and here is what I found! Yes, right, now it has more than 12k backlinks! What I am talking here is about this –  Backlinks – 12.7k...

Case Study-10 Websites That Implemented Successful Link Baits


Link baiting is a popular method of link building among SEO professionals; the idea is to create outstanding content so people are tempted to link to you. This method of link building is easy except for the part ‘outstanding content’, make no mistake; if this was easy everybody would do it. But we can’t be successful without trying, failing and learning, can we? so I am sharing 10 examples of...