Case Study-10 Websites That Implemented Successful Link Baits


Link baiting is a popular method of link building among SEO professionals; the idea is to create outstanding content so people are tempted to link to you. This method of link building is easy except for the part ‘outstanding content’, make no mistake; if this was easy everybody would do it. But we can’t be successful without trying, failing and learning, can we? so I am sharing 10 examples of successful link baits for your inspiration.

1. How much to make a video

Backlinks: 732, Root Domains: 55, Social Shares: 800+

What is it?

A simple and useful tool that tells you how much a video will cost to make. It follows a step by step process where visitors are asked to input their requirements and finally displays an estimate based on those data.

Why is it so successful?

This site was launched as a side project by, a marketplace for buying and selling videos. If you try the tool it will take only a maximum 20 seconds for you to complete the whole question-answer process and get an estimate. This is the first tool I ever saw with such a simple and fast UI. Being so simple and aesthetic this tool is still attracting thousands of potential customers for No wonder this was referred to by many websites, after all, who wouldn’t want to get a free and fast estimate for their videos?

2. Help Scout’s Customer Service Guide

Backlinks: 7.66k, Root Domains: 1.99k, Social Shares: 1.73k

What is it?

An aesthetically built, lengthy but simple guide by on the importance of providing good customer service.

Why is it so successful?

‘Help Scout’ is undeniably one of the best support desk software used by thousands of companies to manage their customers. So a guide on customer service is really into their niche. But the problem with customer service guides in general is that they are quite boring, not to mention the large number of topics they need to address. So the people at ‘Help Scout’ broke down this large and tedious topic into small illustrations and quotes. A once difficult topic has now become easy, how can anyone not link to such a great source of information?

3. Your Game Is Too Big

Backlinks: 465, Root Domains: 78, Social Shares: 2.96k

What is it? is a simple cost calculator created by a game developer Clint Bellanger.

Why is it so successful?

Design wise the tool is pretty outdated when compared to my first example here but nevertheless, it is pretty handy. You can select whatever your requirements are by ticking checkboxes, you will be instantly given an estimate and the approximate time for development. Trying the tool I found that the estimates are not always realistic (unless you think spending 458 billion dollars to develop a game is cool) but later realized that this tool is all about inspiring others to get into game development rather than attracting potential customers.

4. How To Fix A Toilet

Backlinks: 13.8k, Root Domains: 838, Social Shares: 3.84k

What is it?

Those looking for ways to fix their toilets will find this website disappointing; it doesn’t tell you how to do that. This website which was launched 2 months ago is a visual essay on how we depend on search to find solutions for simple problems; such as fixing a toilet.

Why is it so successful?

Amazing content and promotion are behind the success of this project. Using interactive visuals this website showcases how people in different countries search Google for solving their problems. It is no wonder the idea seemed fascinating to Google Labs and they chose to work with its author Xaquín G.V. In addition, its launch was featured in leading blogs including TechCrunch which helped to gain such tremendous popularity in just 2 months.

5. SpreadShare

Backlinks: 1.35k, Root Domains: 114, Social Shares: 828

What is it? is a community-curated platform where people can share spreadsheets about anything including contact lists, to do lists, tools and finance management.

Why is it so successful?

Spreadshare is a great platform to find spreadsheets; it is a platform like no other. People often Google for spreadsheets for different applications and find then from random sources but I never came across anything that is solely dedicated to sharing spreadsheets. Once you start using it, it will be the first place you will look for a spreadsheet next time. Its popularity is solely based on the value it provides users; it is something worth sharing and linking to.

6. Font Combinations

Backlinks: 4.31k, Root Domains: 1.43k, Social Shares: 1k

What is it?

‘Font Combinations’ is a tool created by It suggests you combinations suitable for a font you plan to use on your website or design.

Why is it so successful?

Being part of a WordPress theme development team I often Google for great font combinations. Like in the case of ‘SpreadShare’ above, there are lots of websites showcasing different font combinations but a dedicated space for such a thing is new. This is a handy tool for designers, I am pretty sure this page must be bookmarked on all their browsers. The simple UI and usefulness of this tool is what made it a successful side project gaining thousands of links.

7. Down For Everyone Or Just Me

Backlinks: 659k, Root Domains: 15k, Social Shares: 543.25k

What is it?

This is a very popular tool which checks if a website is down just for you or everyone.

Why is it so successful?

This tool is enormously successful because it solves a simple problem many of us encounter in our day to day life. Sometimes we come across a site that just won’t load but your friend/client had it working in the past hour. It is one of those frustrating moments where you are confused whether the site is down just for you or everyone else. ‘’ is undoubtedly a wonderful solution for this problem.

8. It’s Almost

Backlinks: 22.7k, Root Domains: 1.72k, Social Shares: 10.81k

What is it?

This is a tool created by It is basically a tool to create a countdown timer to any event, and you will get a unique shareable link as well.

Why is it so successful?

Isn’t it cool to create a countdown timer for your special events or goals? “It’s Almost” is a successful implementation of this cool idea. Moreover you will get a unique url to each countdown timer you create so you can get back to the page and see how much time is left, and more importantly, you can share that url in Social media and with your friends so they all can see the countdown. I usually use this to share the deadlines of my projects with my team members.

9. Modular Scale

Backlinks: 7.92k, Root Domains: 706k, Social Shares: 1.21k

What is it?

Modular Scale is a handy tool for typesetting. If you choose a base font value and typographic ratio it will give you the font sizes and line heights for headings and contents without any fuzz.

Why is it so successful?

Modular Scale is a purposive tool for playing with font sizes and line heights. Created by Scott Kellum and Tim Brown in 2009 this tool has helped many designers, including me, in selecting font-sizes for design projects. Most websites in this niche including Envato and Mashable has linked to this project as it is a much-needed tool for their audience.

10. Atlantis World’s Fair

Backlinks: 465, Root Domains: 254, Social Shares: 18.25 k

What is it?

A parallax scrolling website featuring information about the fantasy world of Atlantis

Why is it so successful?

Creating compelling content is the cornerstone of link baits. “Atlantis World’s Fair” just does that. People loved sharing the easy to digest illustration journey to the world of Atlantis which undoubtedly created a social media buzz during its launch.

‘Outstanding content’ is the key term in link baits. All the examples above are contents and tools that are useful for people (except for the Atlantis World’s Fair tool, which worked because it was fun). Create something compelling and give it an initial marketing push, who knows, yours may be the next best link baiting idea.

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