Case Study-Radiation dosage charts that got 1000+ links


This article is a case study of two websites that won 1000+ high authority links using radiation dosage charts. Here it is; is cited is an example of most effective link bait by many websites.

It is a radiation dosage chart which visually conveys the number of radiation doses a person is exposed to from different sources we see around us daily. It is very easy to understand and, being the best of the few available resources on that topic this chart packed up thousands of backlink over the years. As per ahref’s data, since January 2013 this page has acquired 35.7k backlinks from over 2700 websites.

Backlinks – 35.7k

Referring Domains – 2.7k

Social shares;

  • Facebook – 199k
  • LinkedIn – 6.5k
  • Pinterest – 460

The good thing about having a radiation dose chart is that not many websites have such a citable source. So a lot of high authority websites in energy and such niche tend to link to this chart for easy reference.

There is another radiation dose chart created by which was probably created seeing the success of Published in 2011 this infographic has around 1000 backlinks from 217 referring domains.

radiation dose chart

Backlinks – 1.15k

Referring Domains – 217

Social shares;

  • Facebook – 16.5k
  • Linkedin – 630

This infographic uses a different approach to displaying the radiation dose data, it is longer but for me, it was easier to understand than the former one.

These two charts are successful in attracting thousands if backlinks because they can be cited by websites on a number of niche including health, energy, nature and science.

So next time you think of creating an infographic try it this way; create something that adds value to the audience of more than a single niche of websites.

Let me know what you think of my case study in the comments section. I am starting new and highly appreciate your feedback!

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